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Welcome to Road Wars. This is the much-needed overhaul of the original site designed to help promote decency and courtesy out on the roads. The original version of RW featured the Nicolls Road Idiot Page, a project which was abandoned awhile back after I stopped attending Stony Brook University. However, I am likely going to be doing something very similar here on the new site, so stay tuned.

This site is named as such because, quite frankly, driving here on Long Island can make one feel like they're at war with other drivers at times. Pretty much anywhere you go in North America, you're bound to run into inconsiderate and/or simply ignorant people on the road... combine that with the metro New York area's generally high level of traffic and you have quite a recipe for raising blood pressure.

As mentioned above, the aim of Road Wars is to try and educate the masses about common driving etiquette. For many of us, most of this information is common sense, not anything we needed to be taught. Just goes to show you that common sense must not be all that common, because I personally run into several blatantly rude drivers just about every day, and I'm sure most people reading this do as well. By putting out the information found at the right, my hope is that some of these ignorant people will realize that maybe their driving habits are a bit lacking in the courtesy department... however, judging by the feedback I have received, most of the people reading are the ones who already know and agree with the things I'm writing about. Still, if the message gets through to even just a few people, the time spent making this site will have been worth it.

Please keep in mind that with this website, I'm not trying to insist that everyone become a perfect driver, or give the impression that I myself am a perfect driver. Even the best and most courteous drivers on the road make mistakes from time to time. The point here is that there's a big difference between being a perfect driver and exhibiting some good manners on the road... so please, do like your mother admonished you all those years - mind your manners! ;)

Most common annoyances
Not yielding to faster traffic ("left-lane bandits")
Failing to signal lane changes
Moving over at the last possible second
Tailgating in heavy traffic
High-beam usage
Neglecting to move over when making turns
Coming to a near-stop at railroad crossings

Less common annoyances
Jamming on the brakes upon seeing someone pulled over
Crawling on high-speed entrance ramps
Forgetting that green means go
Not yielding to other cars when lost
Poor-weather driving etiquette
In-car distractions
Stopping at the end of an entrance ramp

Non-driving annoyances
Law enforcement
Parking maladies

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