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A major reason why people continue to do the stuff I've been ranting about on this here website is because of the way our laws are enforced.

Despite the fact that it's illegal to drive with your brights on, impede traffic in the left lane, and tailgate, people do all of those consistently and get away with it because most officers are too busy writing tickets for speeding and rolling stop signs. This is something I will never understand. Why do things that directly threaten the wellbeing of other drivers usually go unpunished while going 20mph over our ridiculously-low speed limits gets you a big fine and insurance points? It's complete nonsense.

If this is a matter of revenue because speeding tickets bring in more money from fines, then the government should consider flipping things around so that blinding someone with your high beams or slowing up the flow of traffic warrants a stiff fine and/or points instead. But seeing as how I'm not a lawyer or police officer and don't know what infractions are subject to what fines, this may already be the case... and if so, then I really don't understand why the cops would rather write speeding tickets instead of doing things that might help make our roads a little more tolerable.

Most common annoyances
Not yielding to faster traffic ("left-lane bandits")
Failing to signal lane changes
Moving over at the last possible second
Tailgating in heavy traffic
High-beam usage
Neglecting to move over when making turns
Coming to a near-stop at railroad crossings

Less common annoyances
Jamming on the brakes upon seeing someone pulled over
Crawling on high-speed entrance ramps
Forgetting that green means go
Not yielding to other cars when lost
Poor-weather driving etiquette
In-car distractions
Stopping at the end of an entrance ramp

Non-driving annoyances
Law enforcement
Parking maladies
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