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Once springtime starts rolling in, it makes itself obvious by more than just the green leaves showing up on the trees. Yes, you know summer's coming when you try to drive down the street, but half of it is blocked by a damn landscaping truck.

Why are these guys allowed to do this? I know their business requires them to have those big-ass pickups and trailers to haul their gear, but they should not be parking in a way that makes even quiet side streets dangerous to drive on. Can't they pull into the driveway? Too often, these guys literally block half of the road with their truck and/or trailer, which is both annoying and totally unsafe. So if you're a landscaper, please don't be one of the guys who does this.

Most common annoyances
Not yielding to faster traffic ("left-lane bandits")
Failing to signal lane changes
Moving over at the last possible second
Tailgating in heavy traffic
High-beam usage
Neglecting to move over when making turns
Coming to a near-stop at railroad crossings

Less common annoyances
Jamming on the brakes upon seeing someone pulled over
Crawling on high-speed entrance ramps
Forgetting that green means go
Not yielding to other cars when lost
Poor-weather driving etiquette
In-car distractions
Stopping at the end of an entrance ramp

Non-driving annoyances
Law enforcement
Parking maladies
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