Welcome to the Nicolls Road idiot page. This is a collection of people I come across on my daily commute(s) who don't understand proper driving courtesy. First off, let me say that although this is called the Nicolls Road page, not everyone depicted here will be on Nicolls Rd. Some will have been observed driving in an assinine manner on Sunrise Highway, and others will just be unlucky saps caught on assorted local roads if I should happen to have my camera handy. However, the overwhelming majority of road idiots I come across happen to be on Nicolls Road, hence the name of this site. Most days, I encounter at least one idiot, so this page will most likely be updated several times per week. Definitely check back often to see more people worthy of ridicule for their lack of common sense and/or courtesy. We now also accept submissions of additional idiots to be displayed here. Please click here for further information.

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December 2001:
Saturday, 12/29
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Thursday, 12/20
Monday, 12/17 (also, see the announcement on this page) 
Monday, 12/10
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November 2001:
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September/October 2001:
Assorted morons from this time period

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Thanks to Steve Anderson and his Roads of Metro New York page for the Nicolls Road and Sunrise Highway historical information.
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