Well, it's the start of a new semester at good ol' Stony, so you know what that means... a fresh new round of Road Idiot updates! We start today's group off with a rather heartbreaking sight. What you see pictured above is not your everyday C5 Corvette... no, this is a much more wicked animal, a 385hp (or, if it's a 2002 model, 405hp!) Z06. Apparently, the owner of this fine specimen figured that owning a Corvette means never having to signal a lane change. I counted at least six unsignaled lane changes in a span of less than ten minutes... :(. Maybe he will learn the error of his ways when he starts to move into a lane without signaling, only to rub fenders with a car that moved into the lane because ... you guessed it, they didn't see him signaling!

Ahhh, here we are on Nicolls, and no trip up to school would be complete without running into a raging LLB. Not much to say about this guy really... he was just out taking a Sunday drive on a Friday afternoon, pacing slower traffic and refusing to yield to the cars piling up behind him. Punk...

Funny story, this. While I was on campus, I felt a very strange sensation as a fairly dense fog rolled in... walked out of the administration building, with a grey sky over my head and very dark clouds to the north. As I was walking north towards the center of campus (in order to go down the zebra walk, cross Center Drive, and get to the parking lot), the wind suddenly got very strong... I mean like, gale-force, branch-snapping, nearly-blow-even-my-fat-ass-over strong. After about a minute of this, an eerie calm set in as a dense fog settled over the campus. I was a little freaked, because it seemed like an omen. Indeed, it was... an omen that I'd encounter another LLB'ing fucknut on the way home! Take a look at my rearview in the above picture... if you have a decent video card and monitor, you should be able to make out the front of the blue Ford Probe on the left side of the mirror. Now don't get me wrong, it's all well and good that you'd want to be safe in a situation where's there is light rain and fog (the fog had lightened up quite a bit since I got off campus)... but you still have absolutely no right to crawl along in the left lane and prevent anyone else from moving faster. Luckily, I was not one of the people who got caught behind this apparently-neurotic clown, but when I noticed how terribly slow they were going, I couldn't resist documenting it. This person was a raging LLB for the ages... they couldn't have been going more than 40mph! Extremely irritating for me, and I wasn't even stuck behind them, so I can only imagine the frustration of those who were.

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