This one's a two-parter, and definitely a "hall-of-fame"-quality idiot driver. Now, above you see a bus which appears to be LLBing, which is what I thought when snapping this picture. However, a couple of seconds later, the bus drifted to the right a tiny bit while I was still far off to the left, and I caught a glimpse of the maroon Oldsmible Achieva that it was tailgating *very* closely. Now tell me, if an animal ran out into the road or something, who do you think would come to a stop faster? The 3000lb Achieva, or the 12000+lb school bus? That's right, they'd be scraping parts of Mr./Ms. LLB'ing Olds driver off of the steering wheel, dash board, seat, etc. But wait, there's more!

Just when I thought I'd have to rush and get a picture of the Oldsmobile for LLBing as well, they move out of the lane ... and the bus doesn't speed up! I figured ok, it's a bus, it'll probably take a little time to get up to speed... so I wait, and it just keeps crawling along, no faster than the car it was tailgating the shit out of a couple of minutes ago. How stupid can you be? Now that I think about it, I should've called up the bus company and turned this chump in. Maybe next time...

Last but not least, we have this person who's too important to park their super-cool BMW in an actual spot. I guess they think that since they own a BMW (a 318, the lowest possible model, by the way), they are automatically qualified to park whereever is convenient for them - legal or otherwise. If I'm not mistaken, this is the not the first time that I've seen this same car parked in a "custom-made" space. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera in tow for the other times, but you can bet I will from now on. Some people just don't get it.

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