Another day, another group of driving champions! Pictured above is another genius who thinks that having a high-priced car means never having to use your turn signals. Of course, the "driver" (for lack of a better term) was also taking about ten seconds to complete his lane changes, driving almost as though the road were one big lane at some points.

As Steve Irwin would say... "Would you have a look'a this one!?!?" For the second day in a row, I've spotted the all-important e36 BMW 318 parked in a nonexistent spot, on the side of the non-parking access road area for the lot. If I see it again, campus police will be getting a call, because sooner or later this idiot's parking is going to cause a fender bender. Here's a quick math lesson... when you park your car on what's supposed to be a road, and two cars can barely fit on it concurrently, what happens? Correct-a-mundo, only one car can get by at a time now! So, what happens when someone turning out of that parking row can't see the car coming down the access road since this fucking BMW is in the way? Right again... a collision! And do you know who's insurance will be picking up the tab? Well, enough with the rhetorical questions, you get the point. This guy seems to think he's the only person on campus important enough to park any-damn-where he pleases, and if it keeps up, he's going to have to receive a kick in the ass to bring him down to the real world.

We've all seen this type... older fellow in a busted-up '70s ride, thinking he owns the road because he's been alive longer than 98% of the people he comes across. Aside from tailgating people and failing to signal his lane changes, he made the mistake of cutting me off. The left lane was not moving any faster than the right lane due to traffic, but this chap figured that he deserved to be in the number one lane... so, instead of waiting his turn, he just jumps in front of me, causing me to brake hard to avoid rear-ending that tank. Not acceptable!

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