We must be approaching a full moon, because all the LLBtards were out on the road today. First we've got the cool plumber guy crawling along in the left lane, not passing traffic and refusing to get out of the way. Once the silver van in the right lane passed him, I was finally able to get by.

This guy drew my ire even worse than the van fellow... at least he was moving above the speed limit. The Mazda driver, on the other hand, was moving at no more than 50mph in the left lane, with nobody in front of him and plenty of chances to get the hell out of the fast lane. After a few brights-flashes, there was no response whatsoever... I think this guy may have actually been dead. A couple of miles down the road, I could see him way back in my rearview, and he was STILL blocking up the left lane at an unreasonably slow pace. They really should make it legal to do a PIT maneuver on anyone who drives in such a manner... damned if I haven't had to restrain myself from severely road-raging on some of these dumbasses.

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