This is the kind of person who really gets on my nerves. They turned onto Nicolls from Hammond Road (I think it was Hammond, anyway), and went directly into the left lane. Of course, they then proceeded to go the speed limit while a bunch of much faster-moving cars were coming up behind them. WHY do people do this? If you're not going to be building significant speed right away, do NOT go right into the left lane!

If you've been reading this site for more than five seconds, you can probably guess what this person in the black Bonneville is doing. If you have not, then let me clue you in. They are pacing the Impala in the right lane at about 50mph. They also did not know where the fuck they were going... about a minute after this picture, we approached the entrances for the Stony Brook campus, and I was "fortunate" enough to be behind the Bonnie. Well, since they apparently didn't know which entrance to use, they jammed on the brakes for about five seconds before deciding that they wanted to turn onto the south loop road, and cut into the left turn lane at the last second. Man, did I ever give them a dirty look for that stupid move...

Lookie! Our ignorant friend in the BMW has made himself another convenient parking spot, again right at the end of the parking lot's access road (look to the left of the picture). I vowed that I was going to call campus police and have his ass towed, so I picked up my cell phone and ... "LOW BATTERY" !!!! FUCK! Looks like I left it on after using it the other day, and the battery drained. Knowing this guy, though, I will no doubt have another shot at getting him busted later this week. If they tow his car, I will have pics of the action. They most likely will, as they have an impound yard sectioned off in the South P-lot. Victory will be mine! ;)

Bonus shot for today. Saw this on the Sunrise Hwy. on my way home... looks like someone got t-boned in nasty fashion. Hope they survived it, although if they did, it probably really hurt. This is, of course, not a "road idiot," but I figured it might be interesting. Whatever... that's it for today!

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