Well, I knew the nice little streak of idiot-free days would have to end sometime. They were out in droves this morning! Our first winner is the person above (duh), who felt that getting in the far left lane was too important to wait an extra five seconds for me to pass. They entered from the service road and just lazily trundled directly over into the left lane, ignoring the fact that a little red 240SX was coming up fast in the lane. But hey, they're in an SUV, it'll protect them from their mistakes if they cause an accident!

Here we have a two-for-one shot! Both of the vehicles in front of me have earned a spot on this page. Not only was the old guy in the Accord being a hardcore raging LLB, but his bumper sticker is fucking weak too. Anti-abortionists are truly a bunch of closed-minded whiners, and they generally tend to be bible-thumpers as well (never a good thing IMO). However, notice how the Accord seems to be too far off to the left... that's because the dumb shit in the van cut them off pretty bad. Not that they didn't deserve it, but still, it was a very dangerous and idiotic move on the part of the van driver. As they were coming up to the light where I took this picture, the guy in the van decides that despite the stopped cars a couple of hundred feet ahead, he's going to swing into the right lane and try to get around the accord. Well, he barely makes it back over without plowing the cars in the right lane, and he forces the Accord guy to drift left a bit to avoid getting sideswiped by the van. Funny thing was that he had some security company's logo on the side... his driving sure didn't make me feel secure.

Well well, looks like our friend has parked illegally AGAIN, and ... no, wait a minute, that's not the same car! No Yankees vanity plate, and it's a four-door sedan instead of a two-door hatchback. D'oh... I was looking forward to having a little talk with campus police today, too. Well, that's another 'tard on my shitlist. What exactly is the deal with E36 BMW owners thinking that they can park any-damn-where they want? It's time for a reality check...

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