Here's a true driving whiz. Not only was this person blocking up the left lane (getting passed by about 10 cars before I could finally get over and pass them myself), but they were driving the ugliest modern vehicle known to man. I mean honestly, can you take someone's driving ability seriously if they're rolling in THAT?!? ;)

The non-driver in the Aztek simply pales in comparison to this one. Say, do they teach these people proper road manners when they take courses for their CDL? I suppose they do not. The driver of this bus was literally going below the speed limit in the left lane. After following closely (without tailgating... just a bit closer than normal) to try to get the message across and getting no results, I flipped up the headlights and gave a couple flashes. Still nothing for another minute or so, keep in mind that cars are still passing us on the right while several cars are starting to pile up behind us. So, I back off a little bit and flash the brights a few more times, hoping that the added distance would make it easier for him/her to see my headlights. They still refused to speed up or move over. Finally, there's an opening in the traffic in the right lane, so I pass them while laying on the horn to express my displeasure. A couple of miles down the road, the idiot was STILL in the left lane, with some other poor souls piling up behind them. Sorry for the blurry pic:

*sigh* ... some people just don't get it.

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