This ride to school got off to a great start. Haven't even gotten onto Nicolls Rd. yet, and already the idiots are taking a stand. This lovely young lady apparently never learned how to merge off of an entrance/exit ramp correctly, stopping right at the bottom despite the relatively light traffic. This is how rear-end collisions and traffic backups at major exits occur! Just keep moving, the people trying to enter the other side of the ramp will let you in. Never, ever, EVER stop at the end of a ramp unless traffic is absolutely bumper to bumper.

Amazingly enough, the rest of the ride to school went idiot-less. On the way home, however, I had the pleasure of driving near this genius. This picture was taken on Sunrise Highway, about five minutes from my house. See, on Sunrise Hwy, traffic starts to pile up a bit near Oakdale in the several-mile stretch where there is no service road. Then, once you get to the Islip Terrace area, the highway splits again into an express portion/service road formation. So naturally, you have people waiting until the last second to decide where they're going to go, and people who try to cut their way ahead of everyone into the (usually) low-traffic express lanes. Well, while driving in the heavy-traffic no-service-road area, this guy in the Jeep kept weaving lanes to try and get ahead a few feet (). Then, just after the split where the service road starts again, he goes from behind me and one lane over (I was in the left lane, he was one or two spots behind me in the center lane) into the right lane, and then jerks his ride across two lanes and in front of me (without signaling, of course). Now, you might think I have no tolerance for left lane bandits, but I REALLY have no tolerance for people who drive recklessly and practically merge into my engine bay just so that they can get ahead one or two traffic spots. Big thumbs down.

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