Now, this was an amusing chap whom I came across on Sunrise Highway. I followed at a normal following distance for a short time, but the driver continued to pace the traffic to our right while noone was in front of him. So I began to follow a bit closer, with no change. Finally, a little flick of the brights was issued as if to say "please speed up or get out of the way!" Well, my man here apparently took exception to this. He tapped on the brakes a few times, and then had the nerve to give me the finger. Hey buddy, *I* wasn't the one blocking up the passing lane with my work van. After he gave me the finger, I snapped the above picture, hoping that the flash would go off to show him that he'd just been caught on camera. Alas, the flash did not go off, which is strange considering that it was relatively dark out. Anyway, the guy in the van moved over about a minute after this, and I knew what was coming when I passed him up. Sure enough, he was giving me a dirty look, so I gave him a big grin and a thumbs-up for his trouble. He still didn't look too pleased though. ;)

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