No picture of today's idiot, unfortunately. She was in my rearview, and I didn't hold the camera right, so you couldn't see her car. But anyway, I was heading home from school at a little after 3pm, and traffic was fairly heavy. So, I am in the left lane, trundling along behind everyone else who's going slow (but still faster than the right lane). Suddenly, the champagne-colored Altima that was in front of me jumped into the right lane to try a brainless tight-squeeze passing maneuver, which failed. She got trapped in the right lane, and as luck would have it, the opening big enough for her to move back over was right behind me. After moving back into the left lane, this genius decides to drive practically in my car's hatch for the next few minutes... I could barely see her headlights in the rearview! Times like that make me wish a little animal would run out in front of me so that I'd have an excuse to mash on the brakes.

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