Today was a busy day for my trusty ol' Olympus D-360L! Lots of new images for the masses. Let's start with this champ:

On Sunrise Hwy on the way to school today, this guy was driving like a stereotypical jerk-off. His first mistake was tailgating me when there was a line of traffic ahead. Then, he finally found an opening in the center lane, and cut into it without signaling. He then proceeded to cut off the person in front of me when he moved back into the left lane, and I snapped that pic right after said person moved over. The Taurus guy then proceeded to make about a dozen lane changes without signaling. I almost started to think his car came from the factory without working turn signals.

Wait a minute, that car's in a driveway! Hey wait, it looks a little familiar... oh, now I know why, it's mine! Yup, I qualified for the idiot page today. Thankfully not because of a driving mistake, but because I drove the 25 miles to school to find this:

That's right, no classes this week. I suppose it would be useful to check the academic calendar periodically now that the holidays are coming around... anyway, as I was about to leave, I spotted something strange about that DSM in the above pic. So, upon closer inspection...

Not sure why, but it looks like campus police has temporarily seized that car for an unknown reason (perhaps because it's beat to hell, and may have been abandoned there). Oh well, no matter what the case, the owner qualifies for the idiot page for letting that happen in the first place. :) Now, to round out our large group here, we've got...

... a genius who thought it'd be a good idea to wait until the last second to get out of a closed lane. Notice the "right lane closed" sign in the first picture, which is of course also posted next to the right lane as well. I knew there would be someone who wouldn't bother to move over, so I had the camera in hand as soon as I saw the first sign. Sure enough, the chap in the Altima there obliged me by cutting off the SUV that was in front of me, in order to narrowly avoid taking out a bunch of cones. Wish I'd waited another few seconds to take that pic just so you could see how close it was.

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