Ahhh, after a week off for Thanksgiving vacation, it's back to the ol' grind. I managed to encounter several LLBs on the way to school today, which is nothing out of the ordinary, but this one angered me enough to end up here on the Idiot Page. Moving along nicely in moderate traffic, I happened to encounter this lady trundling along at somewhere between 45 and 50mph in the left lane. No cars in front of her, noone in the right lane. Since I was at the front of a pack of cars, I got stuck behind her as people behind me in the right lane started to pass us up, and people behind me in the left lane were jumping into the right lane to pass as well. I used this opportunity to show my displeasure with her driving, following closely. She did not get the hint, so I gave a few flicks of the brights as a request to either speed up or get the hell out of the way. She did neither. I picked up my camera, and viola, she has officially been idolized here as a genuine non-driver.

Fortunately, today was a pretty good day, and this was the only idiot that I got on camera. There was one other, whom I encountered as I was leaving campus... guy in a Jeep decided to come to a dead stop on the yield entrance to Nicolls Rd. from the Stony Brook campus without even attempting to merge (there was nothing coming at the time, either, which makes it even worse). By the time I had picked up my camera, though, he had started moving again. Oh well, maybe next time ;)

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