The end of the week may have been upon us, but that didn't stop the 'tards of Nicolls Road from working as hard as ever. Above, you see a raging LLB in a black Camry, refusing to move over and causing at least ten cars to pile up behind them (I was one of those cars, until I was able to find an opening to pass on the right). I'm not positive, but I think I saw the guy in the work van flash his brights at the Camry shortly after I moved into the right lane. Also, get a load of the Sentra in front of me... "it runs rich!" ;)

My fair lady here in the Lumina could probably use a few driving pointers. A couple of minutes after I took the pic of the Camry LLB, I ran into this person... almost literally. See, just after passing under 495, you get quite a bit of traffic merging in from the eastbound 495 exit onto Nicolls south, and this driver came bounding off that ramp pretty fast. Now, instead of slowing down to avoid rearending the bus that was in the right lane, she tries to force her way into my lane as I am passing both her and the bus. Deciding not to slam on my brakes for her benefit, I hold my ground, and she gets about a third of the way into my lane before realizing that I'm not slowing down, and moves back over. Of course, she then moves over right on my car's ass as soon as there's enough room, and so I move over to let her pass as soon as I clear the aforementioned bus. Not only was I trying to be courteous, but I needed to let her get ahead in order to get that pic! ;)

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