Ahhhhhh, a fresh new month for poor-driver ridiculing. Haven't run into too many idiots the past few days, and the ones I did run into, I either didn't have my camera on me, or didn't have it "armed." Today was a different story. The whole ride to school went well... a couple of run-of-the-mill LLBs, but nothing else really out of the ordinary. Then, I get on campus, and the girl depicted above cuts me off bad. I didn't have to slam on the brakes or anything, but I had to slow down considerably, and she totally ran a stop sign in order to do it. There wasn't anyone behind me, either. I mean honestly, was she in that big of a rush that she had to run a stop sign and cut me off in order to save 5-10 seconds?

Still on campus, I see something that catches my eye as I pull into the stadium parking lot. That same damn busted-up DSM from around Thanksgiving time was still sitting in the exact same spot, sans boot and citations though. I saw it there at the end of last week as well, but thought nothing of it. Either it hasn't been moved since 11/19, or this guy's just real good at getting the same parking spot all the time. I'm banking on the former, but you never know...

Can you spot the offender in this pic? If you said "that Lexus, which is stopped dead at a yield/merge entrance," you've earned a cookie! As you can see by the location where the driver has stopped, they did not even bother trying to merge. Thus, a large number of cars waiting to turn right has piled up behind her (yes, another woman... hmmmm). Please, everyone, don't stop on merge entrances unless you absolutely have to!

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