One! Two! Three 'tards, you're out, in the ol' parking game!

I'd honestly like to know what makes the owners of these cars important enough to be able to park illegally. Not only is it ignorant and selfish, but it makes it difficult to get around the small lot in which these pics were taken. Those lines upon which these people have parked were recently put there because of the difficulty getting into the lot (first pic) and around the end of the lot (second pic). Apparently, that doesn't matter to these guys, all they care about is getting their park on. Forget parking tickets, I think they should just tow the MFs who do this. Same goes for people who park in handicapped spots without a permit. Sorry, but being mentally handicapped doesn't qualify you for that spot, so stay out of it.

Remember, there are other people besides you (and the other idiots who parked illegally) in this world. Show a little consideration eh?

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