We had ourselves an LLB hat trick today!

Very interesting... three people LLBing in the exact same fashion, all in the window of a few hours. It's kind of a downer when you think you're sitting in a line of traffic just because it's "that time of day," and then you realize that there's just one idiot who's spoiling it for you, and the cars in front of/behind you as well. That was the case with all three of these champions... hogging the fast lane for no apparent reason, causing everyone behind them to either crawl or be forced to try and pass on the right. Perhaps they think that the "bad" weather conditions (read: occasional light drizzle) justify moving at a relative snail's pace in the fast lane. No matter what, it's simply not acceptable.

I'd like to take this time to make a little announcement regarding the NRIP. There may not be many updates to this page between now (Dec. 19) and the last week of January, since winter break is just about upon us. This obviously means that once finals end on Dec. 20, I most likely won't be heading up to school until classes start again. However, I will still be driving around with my digital camera, and as such, will still catch the occasional idiot on the road. Whenever I happen to come across said idiots, an update to this site will be made). However, it goes without saying that I probably won't have very many additions for you until classes start again. So if you enjoy this site, and notice that the updates taper off over the next month or so, don't despair... we're still going to be here, especially come late January. Take care, enjoy your holidays , and keep it safe out on the road. :)

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