First idiot today was whoever caused this four (maybe five) car pileup. Now, of course I didn't stop to get all the details, but it appears that someone plowed into a stopped car which was in a line of traffic, setting off a chain reaction which caused another three or four cars to get damaged. Ouch. Please, pay attention, people! I'd be willing to bet that this was caused by someone absorbed in fiddling with their stereo, "preening" themselves in the mirror, or something similar. This is exactly why I disagree with New York's new "no cellphones" law... there are a dozen other ways that you can distract yourself besides talking on your cell phone. Hell, hooking up one of those idiotic handsfree earpieces that said law requires is more distracting in and of itself than talking with the phone held to your ear. DUMB!

Today's second idiot is the champion driving the big rig up ahead (as denoted by the drawn-in arrow, hehe). You might have to turn up the brightness on your monitor to see it correctly, because for some reason the picture came out very dark. Anyway, the left lane was flying along at approximately an astounding 50mph, and that truck was the sole reason why. Why can't these guys remember that they need to keep these slow-ass things in the right lane???

Today's final idiot is lucky that I didn't have the camera "armed" quick enough to get the picture, but his poor driving deserves to be mentioned here anyway. On the way home, coming down Sunrise Hwy in the left lane, I came upon the good ol' brown-and-white Utz truck trundling along in the center lane. As I was passing it up, I was dismayed to see that it was badly tailgating a Focus ZX3 (the little hatchback model), there couldn't have been more than ten feet between them... if something had happened causing everyone to stop short, the Utz truck would've mashed that car like a tin can. Remember, tailgating is bad, but it's even worse if you're tailgating something that can outbrake you.

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