No pic of today's idiot, since I unfortunately wasn't carrying my camera at the time. However, this one pissed me off enough to post this here regardless. I was coming home from work today at 2pm, going down Union Blvd here in town (it's like our area's "second Main St."). Up until about a year ago, much of the road was two lanes in each direction, but then they repaved the road and decided it'd be better to make it one lane in each direction with a large shoulder and big turning lanes. Well apparently, this person insisted on living in the past, as she decided to drive her Buick Century completely in the shoulder for over a full mile before she turned off. I mean really, I could see making an honest mistake by driving on the shoulder for a minute if you used to live around here, and then came back after being away for awhile... but when you've got a solid white line on your left instead of a dotted one, and you drive through six or seven clearly-marked turning lanes, you're simply a goddamn idiot. Anyone who can't figure out that they're not driving in an actual lane needs to have their license taken away, plain and simple... hell, I was about to grab my cell phone and ring up our friends at the SCPD just before she turned off. Maybe next time... :)

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