Sorry for the poor quality of this pic, but it was taken late at night, so it was either a windshield glare from the flash, or a very underexposed image due to the darkness. I chose the former :) Anyway, so I was coming home late Friday night (technically early Saturday morning, as suggested by the date) from Deer Park Ave, the local "cruise spot." My favorite route home from there is to go down Main Street, since it has a long 50mph zone with a few nice curves. Well, as luck would have it, I come up behind this tool in the middle of the 50mph zone, going at least 10mph below the speed limit. I swear, we need a law saying that if you're going to drive considerably below the speed limit, you have to move over to let other people pass if you're in a no-pass zone. Of course, this entire stretch is a no-pass zone, so I was stuck behind this stinking (literally) old-ass Bronco.

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