Here are a few idiots I caught on cam during the early part of my first semester at school. I don't have the exact dates for them though, so they're all grouped together here on one handy page.

This is the same guy who's used as an example on the Road Wars Left Lane Bandit page. The full story regarding his driving is on that page, but the summary is that not only did he crawl along in the passing lane, but he also cut me off when entering the lane to begin with. What a winner!

Another fine example of drivers who should not be holding a CDL. These guys were both LLBing (yes, it's a verb now!) within about half a mile of each other, and I just noticed that you can see the same Camaro in both pics as well (he did the smart thing and kept to the right lane, maybe I should've followed him). Mmmmm, I sure could go for a Mistic now though... ;)

Here's someone who missed the Driver's Ed class where they teach you how to follow at a safe distance. As you can see, traffic was fairly heavy at this time of day, with both lanes moving pretty slowly (I'd say no more than 50mph at any given time). As we were nearing one of the many light-controlled intersections on this road, people in my lane started jamming on their brakes for an unknown reason (probably due to some genius who waited until the last minute to get over and make the turnoff, thereby having to hit his brakes in order to find an opening in the right-lane traffic). A couple of seconds after I hit my brakes, I heard some nasty tire squeal and turned my eyes to my rearview. Sure enough, the person in the blue Taurus behind me had to lock up the brakes and partially slide into the median to avoid hitting me. It wasn't cool at the time, but in retrospect, maybe it would've been a good thing if she had hit me... I could have gotten that nasty dent on my car's rear end fixed for free! :)

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