Welcome to the NRIP FAQ page. I have decided to put this in place to (hopefully) provide some extra info regarding this site. This way, people will learn a little extra about what we are all about before they send me emails complaining and cursing me out. Luckily, this has not happened yet (oddly enough, all the feedback I've gotten about this site so far has been positive), but it never hurts to plan ahead. Now, as our man Mills Lane would say, "let's get it on!"

1q. Why is this site called the "Nicolls Road" idiot page, if many of the idiots here were caught on other roads?

1a. As mentioned on the main NRIP page, the site is entitled in this manner because the majority of the idiots depicted are indeed seen on Nicolls Rd. However, since I frequently drive around with my digital camera, I sometimes catch people driving poorly on other roads. Let's face it, it'd be silly to start a new site for each different road that I drive on, so this'll have to do.

2q. Just who in the hell do you think you are to be doing this, anyway? Some sort of flawless driving expert or what?

2a. Sorry, but no. I never professed to be some kind of excellent driver, or anything of the sort. Fact is, I make my share of mistakes on the road, just like anyone else. Anyone who tells you that they never make driving mistakes is a damn liar, plain and simple. However, there's a difference between being a "perfect driver," and knowing how to follow common-sense driving rules. Many of us are capable of understanding and following these rules, which show courtesy to our fellow drivers... others apparently do not, and *they* are the ones who end up here. I will rarely, if ever, take someone's picture and put them up here if they've made a simple mistake (for example, starting to merge into my lane and not seeing me at first). The people who continually show a lack of common courtesy (for example, left lane bandits who refuse to move over, even after being followed closely and/or flashed at) are the ones who get space on my server dedicated to them.

3q. Speaking of left lane bandits, why don't you document every single one you come across?

3a. That's a good question. Soon after starting this little project, I realized that the number of LLBs I come across is far too many to keep track of. On just one round trip to and from school, I run into at least five, sometimes as many as ten. If I had to take pictures of all of them, A) I'd need new camera batteries twice a week, and B) this site would get really boring and repetitive. So, I usually only document what I like to call "raging LLBs." These are the ones who are the sole reason that people behind them cannot get ahead, due to them either pacing the slower right-lane traffic, or going even slower than the right-lane traffic, and they don't have the common sense to move over when they've got a bunch of angry people piling up behind them (and/or flashing their brights at them). If I am driving along and there's virtually no traffic, and someone is moving relatively slowly in the left lane, I'm not going to get on their ass and try to force them over (and then put them up here if they refuse to move). Even though they're technically blocking up the left lane and causing a problem by making me pass on the right, in my opinion it's really not a big enough deal to be "busting" them over. If someone would like to start a site dedicated to ridiculing every LLB on the road, more power to them... that's not what I'm out to do here.

4q. I'm a fellow nerd, and I'd like to know some technical stuff about this site. What kind of camera do you use, and what kind of server is hosting this site?

4a. The camera I use is a two-year-old Olympus Camedia D-360L digital, top resolution of 1.3 megapixel. Came with 8mb of SmartMedia memory, which is enough to log approximately 36 road idiots using the mid-grade capture setting (1280x960) :) This camera has now paid for itself many times over in film and developing costs, you can get one these days for under $200... if you're in the market for a basic digital camera, I highly recommend this one. As for server specs, we here at k-rad networks are running Linux (Slackware 8.1) with kernel v2.4, and the computer itself is a 400mhz Pentium II with 512mb of RAM, and a 45gb Western Digital IDE HDD. It's a bit outdated, but it gets the job done... for now ;)

5q. While browsing your site, I happened to come across a picture of my car, and I want it removed NOW!

5a. Well, isn't that a shame? :(

6q. I want to document some of my area's idiots as well, but I don't have the time or motivation to make my own site dedicated to it. Can I send stuff in to be put on your page?

6a. Certainly! Like the main page says, submissions are being welcomed. Please click here for information on sending in some of your local road idiots.

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