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== Parking maladies == == Other Information ==
Sometimes, parking lots can be even more frustrating than driving on a road full of LLBs, rubberneckers, and idiots with their brights on combined. Aside from the obvious idiots who park in handicapped spots even though they're not handicapped (at least not physically), we have to contend with arrogant jackasses who park in multiple spots because they think it's a reasonable way to avoid door dings, ignorant jackasses who park in multiple spots because they can't take the time to see if they're properly parked in a spot or not, and annoying jackasses who park 3 inches off your door because they just don't give a damn. For those people, you may want to print out some of these, and maybe a few of these also for good measure.

But wait, it's not just parking lots where you run into parking-related issues! If you've ever had the pleasure of driving in NYC (or probably any other urban area), you've experienced the joy of double-parkers, or taxis that stop in the middle of a previously-moving traffic lane to pick up a fare. God damn people, stop being so selfish... find a legit parking place like the rest of us!

Most common annoyances
Not yielding to faster traffic ("left-lane bandits")
Failing to signal lane changes
Moving over at the last possible second
Tailgating in heavy traffic
High-beam usage
Neglecting to move over when making turns
Coming to a near-stop at railroad crossings

Less common annoyances
Jamming on the brakes upon seeing someone pulled over
Crawling on high-speed entrance ramps
Forgetting that green means go
Not yielding to other cars when lost
Poor-weather driving etiquette
In-car distractions
Stopping at the end of an entrance ramp

Non-driving annoyances
Law enforcement
Parking maladies
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