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== Coming to a near-stop at railroad crossings< == == Other Information ==
In the same vein as not moving over before turning, this isn't a major annoyance but one that occurs often. When approaching a train crossing, many drivers seem to think it's necessary to jam on the brakes and nearly come to a stop, and then crawl over the tracks as if they have land mines beneath them.

Ladies and gentlemen, most of the crossings around here are in good enough shape that you barely have to slow down for them, if at all. Obviously there is a lot of grey area here, because there are definitely a few train crossings in the area that are poor enough to justify slowing down significantly for... all I'm asking is that people use good judgement. You can usually see well before you get to the tracks if the crossing is disjointed or considerably raised from the rest of the road... and if not, please don't be slowing to a crawl to go over it.

Also obviously, this does not apply to school buses, fuel-carrying trucks, and other such vehicles that are required to stop at railroad crossings.

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Coming to a near-stop at railroad crossings

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